Crestron Home smart home systems are tailored to seamlessly blend into the fabric of your life. Each Crestron home is as unique as those who dwell there. See how our technology allows you to effortlessly live the ultimate luxury lifestyle. Every day begins with “good morning” and ends with “good night”. With the tap of a button or the sound of your voice, shades activate, music fills the room, and temperature & lights adjust to pre-set preferences. The weather or your favorite show is just a touch away by remote, phone, or touch screen. Your Crestron Home takes care of the details, so you can greet or end the day as you prefer. Leave knowing cameras are set, rooms are adjusted, and doors are locked. When you return, your Crestron Home awaits, ready to instantly respond to your every command. One complete system. One company that designs, manufactures, and supports every component of that system in your home. One seamless experience where technology works in harmony, creating the experience you desire. It’s the complete package for any sized smart home project: a simpler, smarter user experience on mobile devices and touch screens.